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5 Benefits of an Addiction Alumni Program

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It is not uncommon for those considering substance abuse treatment to feel lost or overwhelmed. Recovery can seem scary, as it involves hard work, dedication, and a willingness to accept change. These feelings may even resurface after treatment is completed, as leaving a facility means leaving the support systems that helped an individual become sober in the first place. But these support systems are also available outside of treatment. After completing a rehabilitation program, many people choose to join an alumni program for additional support. Alumni programs are designed for individuals who have or are in the process of completing treatment and want to stay involved with the sober community. To anyone searching for an addiction alumni program in Chester County, Pennsylvania, learn more by contacting New Horizons Recovery at 267.435.3134.

What Are the Benefits of an Alumni Program?

The benefits of an addiction alumni program are meant to build off of the work and progress patients make during their treatment. Alumni programs provide additional support to those in recovery after exiting treatment. While treatment does an excellent job of providing support systems, psychological guidance, and helping patients form healthy coping mechanisms, this level of support can’t be delivered outside of an in-patient setting. Luckily, alumni programs are there to compensate for this transition. Everyone will have different needs when exiting treatment, and alumni programs can do a great deal in connecting them with the appropriate resources.

5 Benefits of an Alumni Program

The benefits of an addiction alumni program are plentiful and far-ranging, some of which include the following:

1. Access to Resources

Most rehabilitation programs will have dedicated a portion of treatment towards aftercare planning. Unfortunately, they can’t plan for every scenario and certainly can’t predict how the body will react to transitioning back into society. In moments like these, when an individual does not know what to do or where to go, it can be incredibly helpful to be aware of a place or a person who can provide that information.

2. Social Events

The importance of socialization after recovery cannot be overstated. Social interaction makes life feel full, exciting, and surprising, and it is borderline essential when considering the quality of life and emotional well-being. But finding sober friends and events can be tricky. Alumni programs are an excellent resource for those looking to stay connected and sober.

3. Transitioning Back into Society

As scary as going to rehab might seem, leaving can be just as challenging. While, following treatment, the body has adjusted to not receiving the patient’s drug of choice, these adjustments were made in a highly controlled environment which actively aims to shield patients from triggers and unnecessary stress. The outside world is a different beast, and overcoming obstacles can sometimes feel like too much for one person to bear. Alumni programs understand the difficulty of this transition all too well and have resources specifically crafted to help those in recovery grow past the challenges of everyday life.

4. Providing a Safe Space

Staying sober can sometimes feel like walking through a minefield. It requires constant vigilance, monitoring, and planning. The home does provide some shelter, but no one wants to be shut in. Having an environment free from triggers can reduce stress and the risk of relapse.

5. Other Benefits of Alumni Programs

One of the most significant benefits an alumni program can provide is a sense of community and belonging for those in recovery concerned about their sobriety. These concerns may have to do with transitioning back into society, finding work, or coping with an unexpected challenge in life. Regardless, alumni programs provide those in recovery with a safe space to connect and find the necessary resources to maintain sobriety.

Alumni Programs in Chester County, Pennsylvania, at New Horizons Recovery

At New Horizons Recovery, we understand that recovery doesn’t end once treatment is completed. Our alumni program was founded on the principle that recovery is a lifelong process. We view all our clients, past and present, as lifetime members of the New Horizons Recovery family. For more information on the benefits of an addiction alumni program or to schedule an appointment today, contact us at 267.435.3134.