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5 Benefits of an Alcohol Treatment Program

a geroup shows support for someone, one of the benefits of an alcohol treatment program

Entering an alcohol treatment program can be a terrifying process. This is partly because of the uncertainty it carries for the future and its implications for the present. Going into treatment requires giving up alcohol; for some, alcohol has been their most reliable coping mechanism. In this way, alcoholics can feel as if treatment forces the abandonment of a friend when it’s actually encouraging them to defeat an enemy. A person’s mindset can significantly affect how they feel before entering treatment, and there are ways to help improve that mindset. In the time preceding check-in, it is vital to remember all the benefits of an alcohol treatment program. In case anyone is searching for an alcohol addiction treatment program in Pennsylvania, consider the following information on the benefits of going into recovery.

What Is Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Alcohol addiction treatment is a form of substance abuse treatment that focuses on those who drink alcohol regularly in excess. In this instance, “regularly” and “in excess” can be highly relevant terms. What some consider abusive levels of drinking, others might consider not. What separates those needing alcohol addiction treatment from those who do not are the consequences of their drinking.

Treatment will look different depending on the facility and program, but most treatments consist of at least four stages. The first is an intake assessment. Doctors will ask clients about their medical, drug, and emotional histories so that a treatment plan can be specially crafted and tailored to their needs. The next stage is detox. Detox allows the body to rid itself of toxic or addictive substances that still linger in the body once clients stop drinking. After detox, clients enter the primary part of their treatment, which consists of various therapy treatments and group exercises. The final stage of treatment is aftercare planning, where clients work with their doctors to craft a plan for their recovery once treatment has been completed.

5 Alcohol Treatment Benefits

The benefits of an alcohol treatment program can be seen within the contents of their curriculum and the advantages they provide in aftercare.

1. Healing in a Safe Environment

One of the most significant benefits of an alcohol addiction treatment program is that it provides a space where clients cannot drink and are not tempted by alcohol. For some, this is the first time they have not had access to alcohol in a long while, and this time away can provide a great deal of clarity, and clients are given the room to grow and explore their sober selves.

2. Medical Detox

Detox is often considered to be the most challenging part of treatment. This is because of the symptoms that come with alcohol withdrawal. When the body and brain get used to receiving alcohol regularly, it becomes dependent on alcohol to produce chemicals that the body would otherwise produce on its own. When these chemicals are taken away, the body will experience various intense symptoms to compensate. These symptoms can sometimes be so severe that they become life-threatening. Medical detox provides clients with 24/7 monitoring and hands-on care to help fight withdrawal symptoms.

3. Addiction Education

Addiction education provides clients with the medical and psychological knowledge required for understanding how their addiction negatively impacts their health, emotional regulation, and relationships. Addiction education is typically taught in a way that taps directly into clients’ life experiences so that they may be better able to digest the material.

4. Individualized Treatment

When clients know their treatment has been specially crafted and tailored to them, it highlights how vital their recovery is and creates trust with their doctors. Clients will not only see areas where they need to improve but also areas where they carry immense strength and promise.

5. Therapy

One of the most effective services provided during treatment is therapy. There’s a wide variety of therapies available during treatment. Clients may require family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused therapy, or group therapy to resolve issues. Therapy provides clients with a safe environment to explore their emotions without fear of judgment, condemnation, or repercussions.

Countless other benefits come with alcohol addiction treatment, many of which can be experienced once treatment has commenced. It is always important to remember the benefits that recovery can offer before entering treatment, especially when feelings of stress and anxiety arise.

New Horizons Recovery: Alcoholism Treatment in Chester County, Pennsylvania

At New Horizons Recovery, we know the turmoil that addiction brings into a person’s life. That is why we have dedicated our facility to helping clients with physical and psychological struggles so they may enjoy a life free from addiction. For more information on the benefits of alcohol addiction treatment, book a tour of our brand-new state-of-the-art facilities, or contact us today at 267.435.3134.