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5 Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Programs

a group talks about benefits of intensive outpatient programs

When people are dealing with co-occurring disorders, such as addiction and mental health disorders, the best option is to reach out to professionals who have extensive experience with these conditions. Fortunately, there are many choices for people to begin their recovery, including intensive outpatient programs (IOP). For those searching for a high-quality intensive outpatient program in Pennsylvania, our team at New Horizons Recovery proudly provides this type of treatment for people who are ready to make a positive change in their lives. We have years of experience helping people discover a healthier and more rewarding way of life. If you or someone you care about is interested in learning more about the benefits of an IOP, reach out to our team online or call us at 267.435.3134.

5 Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Programs

1. Return Home at Night

One of the most significant benefits of intensive outpatient programs is that they allow clients to receive treatment during the day at return home to the comfort of their homes and families. Keep in mind that a strong support system at home is best for those in intensive outpatient programs.

2. A Supportive Recovery Community

Another of the intensive outpatient program benefits is that clients build a recovery community of peers in similar life situations. This helps to create a sense of accountability among those in recovery and helps to keep people on the right track.

3. Maintain Responsibilities

Further IOP benefits include the ability to maintain work, school, and family responsibilities while still addressing and healing from co-occurring disorders. By keeping up with obligations, people don’t have to put their lives on hold to improve their quality of life.

4. Lower Cost

Often, intensive outpatient programs are more cost-effective compared to residential programs. This affordability allows for more people to have access to much-needed treatment.

5. Higher Success Rate

Finally, another one of the benefits of intensive outpatient programs is that they often have a higher success rate and fewer occurrences of relapse than other forms of outpatient programs. However, the success rate depends on the commitment and dedication of the client.

Therapy Options at New Horizons Recovery

Our New Horizons Recovery team recognizes that an intensive outpatient program might not be right for all of our clients. That’s why we proudly provide a range of additional therapy options, including:

  • ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) – This form of therapy encourages clients to solve their problems by facing and accepting the issues.
  • Anxiety treatment – People often turn to drug or alcohol use to deal with an anxiety disorder. Our anxiety treatment program gives people the tools to lessen their anxiety.
  • CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) – Also known as “talk therapy,” clients in CBT work one-on-one with a qualified therapist.
  • Depression treatment – Just like with anxiety, symptoms of depression can be eased through proper treatment.
  • Family therapy and counseling – In order to solidify recovery, family therapy sessions help family members learn how to properly support someone in treatment.
  • Group therapy – Group therapy helps to build bonds among people in similar situations and create a support system after treatment.

Explore an Intensive Outpatient Program at New Horizons Recovery

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and mental health disorders, the most challenging step can be to reach out for help. That’s why our New Horizons team is standing by to answer any questions you might have about our intensive outpatient program or any of our other programs or services. Our friendly and knowledgeable team understands the adverse effects of co-occurring disorders, and we want you to know that recovery is possible. Learn more about how we can help you or someone you care about by calling 267.435.3134 or contacting us online.