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Do Alumni Programs Actually Work?

a group discusses the question "do alumni programs actually work?"

Entering rehab can be a very stress-inducing process. The same can be said for leaving rehab, as the process promises great change and challenge. When leaving rehab, it can feel as if everything is on the line, as a great deal of hard work and dedication has gone into reaching that destination. One of the most challenging aspects of transitioning out of rehab is leaving behind all of the support systems which enable an individual to get sober. In treatment, these support systems are social, as seen in individual therapy, group therapy, or addiction counseling, but they can also be physical. Treatment facilities provide a space where those in recovery are cut off from their drug of choice and surrounded by other people in the same situation. The outside world, unfortunately, guarantees non of this.

That is why it is essential for those who are leaving treatment to take advantage of every resource they can when trying to maintain their sobriety. One such resource is an alumni program. Alumni programs are relapse prevention programs designed for individuals who are leaving treatment but are still concerned about maintaining sobriety. But do alumni programs actually work? Find out more about the effectiveness of an addiction alumni program in Pennsylvania by contacting New Horizons Recovery at 267.435.3134.

Do Addiction Alumni Programs Work?

“Do alumni programs actually work?” is an interesting question. As anyone who has been through treatment knows, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to fixing addiction. The key to staying sober and limiting the chances of a relapse is to utilize available resources in every way possible. In this light, alumni programs are an incredibly useful resource for those who feel stuck or lost in their sobriety. Alumni programs are typically attached to a specific treatment facility or curriculum. This creates a well-established network of individuals who can connect over their shared experiences and challenges of staying sober.

Alumni programs can:

  • Help those in recovery make meaningful connections with other sober individuals
  • Provide social activities and volunteering opportunities for those looking to fill their time in meaningful ways
  • Help people stay sober

What Are the Benefits of an Addiction Alumni Program?

Countless benefits come with joining an alumni program. Most important are the connections and resources it provides through social events and its members. One of the most difficult challenges people face when exiting treatment is establishing a new social circle and finding friends who are also sober. Alumni programs provide people in recovery with a safe space to meet others in recovery and engage in fun social activities. Some of the activities an alumni program might have are:

  • Cookouts
  • Camping
  • Arts and crafts
  • Recreational sports
  • Dance classes
  • Workshops
  • Alumni reunions
  • Guest speakers

Alumni programs also offer their members a wealth of resources that can be used to find other relapse prevention programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Alumni programs are likely to contain members of all ages, each of whom is at a different stage of their sobriety. This can significantly ease the stress that comes with transitioning out of treatment, as members can easily connect with someone who has experienced the same challenges.

A Trusted Addiction Alumni Program in Pennsylvania

So, do alumni programs actually work? All evidence points to yes. But again, this is not a one size fits all answer. For a relapse prevention program to be beneficial, members must feel comfortable and be able to trust those leading the program. At New Horizons Recovery, we hold this trust in the highest regard and believe that it is the key to ensuring the success of our clients. We offer a range of substance abuse treatments and a well-established alumni program. For more information on what to expect from an alumni program or to schedule an appointment, contact us at 267.435.3134.