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How to Prepare for a Intensive Outpatient Program

two people sit on a couch speaking to a therapist about intensive outpatient program preparation

There are many options for people who are ready to address and heal from addiction, mental health disorders, or both. For some people, a residential program may be best for their recovery. For others, an intensive outpatient program (IOP) is the most effective form of treatment.

If you’re searching for a Pennsylvania intensive outpatient program, reach out to our New Horizons Recovery team online or at 267.435.3134. We will work with you to determine if an IOP is the right course of action to improve your quality of life. Also, our highly-qualified team is standing by to help you with possible intensive outpatient program preparation. Learn more about intensive outpatient program preparation by contacting New Horizons Recovery today.

An Intensive Outpatient Program Defined

But what exactly is an IOP? An intensive outpatient program is a level of treatment that allows clients to attend treatment and therapy sessions during the day but return to their homes at night. This kind of flexibility will enable people to receive necessary treatment while still maintaining work and family responsibilities. There are many forms of therapy that are used in an intensive outpatient program, and the therapy options used depend on the needs of each client.

Some of the therapy options in an intensive outpatient program can include:

  • ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy)
  • Anxiety treatment
  • CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy)
  • Depression treatment
  • Dual diagnosis
  • DBT (dialectical behavior therapy)
  • Family therapy/counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Life skills training

If you’re unsure which therapy programs are right for you, don’t worry. Our New Horizons Recovery team will work closely with you to determine which of our many therapy programs is best to help you heal.

Preparing for an IOP

Our New Horizons Recovery team wants you to have all of the information that you need when preparing for an intensive outpatient program so that you have the highest chances of sustained recovery. As a result, our team has compiled a list of some of the best ways that you can prepare yourself for entering an IOP.

Some of the best tips for IOP preparation include:

  • Ensure that your home is recovery-friendly – Set yourself up for success in recovery by removing any drugs or alcohol from your house, creating a quiet space for meditation and reflection, and alerting family members of your recovery plan.
  • Make time for treatment – Contact your employer to request time away during the day to attend treatment sessions. Most employers will work with you to determine a mutually beneficial plan.
  • Know what to expect – Our New Horizons Recovery team strives to be transparent about exactly what takes place during an intensive outpatient program at our campus. We have found that clients who know what to expect tend to be more successful in their recovery process.
  • Find out what you are and aren’t allowed to bring – Obviously, drugs and alcohol won’t be welcome in treatment. However, it’s a good idea to bring the names and contact information of your loved ones in case of a medical emergency, for example.

Find Out More About New Horizon Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program

At New Horizon Recovery, our team recognizes that intensive outpatient program preparation helps to ease anxiety about entering into a treatment program. We provide a safe and supportive environment where our clients can feel comfortable sharing openly and honestly in therapy sessions. We are ready to help you get started with your recovery, but the first step is up to you. Regain control of your life from addiction and mental health disorders by contacting New Horizon Recovery today either online or at 267.435.3134. Make today the day you begin to feel like yourself again by reaching out to New Horizon Recovery.