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Is a Behavioral Treatment Program Right For Me?

a person talks with a therapist asking is behavioral treatment right for me

The effects of addiction and mental health disorders can weigh heavily on a person and adversely affect every facet of a person’s life. However, many people never seek the treatment they need for a number of reasons, but one of the primary reasons that people don’t get the help they so desperately need is that they don’t know the answer to the question, “Is behavioral treatment right for me?” The truth is that if a person is even asking themselves, “Is behavioral treatment right for me?” the answer is probably yes.

At New Horizons Recovery, we proudly provide mental health treatment, also known as behavioral health treatment, in Chester County, Pennsylvania for people who are ready to make a positive change and enjoy life instead of suffering through it. Recovery from mental health disorders and addiction is possible for those prepared to work towards that goal. Find out more about our range of behavioral health treatment programs by calling New Horizons Recovery at 267.435.3134 or completing our convenient online form.

Signs to Get Mental Health Treatment

Although it can be challenging to take an honest look at yourself, it is necessary to examine your mental health to determine if it would be best to enter into a treatment program. Take a few minutes to consider some common signs of mental health disorders and ask yourself if you recognize these signs in yourself.

Are you:

  • Self-medicating with drugs and alcohol
  • Often irritable and angry
  • Extremely sad and hopeless
  • Excessively worried or fearful
  • Experiencing mood swings
  • Avoiding social situations
  • Having difficulty concentrating
  • Struggling to determine what is real and what is not

If you are experiencing these signs, you are not alone. The best course of action for you is to reach out for professional help from a team of experienced professionals, such as the team at New Horizons Recovery. The sooner you ask for help, the sooner you can start to heal.

Benefits of a Behavioral Treatment Program

The good news is that people who enroll in a behavioral treatment program begin to feel better almost immediately after treatment begins. Keep in mind that recovery from mental health is possible with the proper support and commitment.

Some of the many benefits of a behavioral treatment program include:

  • Reduced risk of severe depression and anxiety
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Clearer thinking
  • Improved relationships with friends and family members
  • A greater sense of calm and peacefulness
  • Enhanced physical health
  • A greater quality of life
  • Lessened social isolation

Therapy Programs at New Horizons Recovery

Our New Horizons Recovery team will work with you to figure out which of our many programs is right for you. We ensure that each of our clients has a personalized treatment plan that meets their exact needs in recovery.

A list of our therapy programs includes:

  • ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy)
  • Anxiety treatment
  • CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy)
  • Depression treatment
  • Dual diagnosis
  • DBT (dialectical behavior therapy)
  • Family therapy and counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Life skills training
  • Mental health
  • MET (motivational enhancement therapy)
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Person-centered therapy
  • Relapse-prevention therapy
  • Vivitrol treatment
  • 12-step approach
  • Explore the Behavioral Treatment Programs at New Horizons Recovery

So, if you’re still wondering, “Is behavioral treatment right for me?” our New Horizons Recovery team can help you find the answer. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our caring and friendly staff today either online or call us at 267.435.3134 to determine if our extensive list of programs and services would be the right fit for you. You’ll never know if behavior treatment is right for you unless you take the first step, so contact our New Horizons Recovery team today.