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a group of people in a circle discuss the differences between php vs iop treatment

When it comes to addiction treatment, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The type of program that is right for you or your loved one will depend on a variety of factors, including the severity of the addiction, the presence of any co-occurring mental health disorders, and whether the individual has any responsibilities (such as work or school) that they need to maintain during treatment.

At New Horizons Recovery Center, we offer partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) and intensive outpatient programs (IOPs). Comparing the effectiveness of  PHP vs. IOP addiction treatment can seem subtle, but the programs have key differences in helping people struggling with addiction. If you need help choosing between an intensive outpatient and a partial hospitalization program in Chester County, Pennsylvania, call us at 267.435.3134 for more information.

The Benefits of Addiction Treatment Programs

Research has shown that addiction treatment programs can be effective in helping people to recover from addiction. Addiction treatment programs can provide structure and support, in addition to benefits like:

  • Learning about addiction and its causes
  • Identifying and managing triggers
  • Developing healthy coping mechanisms
  • Building a support system

When you commit to recovering, comparing PHP vs. IOP addiction treatment can help you understand which type of program would better fit your recovery goals.

What Is a PHP?

A PHP is a treatment program that provides many of the same services as inpatient treatment but on an outpatient basis. PHPs are typically three to five days per week, six to eight hours per day. During a PHP, individuals will receive all necessary addiction treatment services, including individual therapy, group therapy, medication management (if necessary), and case management services.

What Is an IOP?

An IOP is similar to a PHP in that it provides most of the same addiction treatment services on an outpatient basis. However, IOPs typically meet fewer hours per week than PHPs; IOPs are typically three to five days per week for about three hours per day.

People who may benefit from an IOP include:

  • Those who have completed a PHP or inpatient treatment program and need a less intensive level of care
  • People who cannot commit to a full-time PHP but still need more support than traditional outpatient therapy
  • People who have responsibilities that they cannot miss for several hours each day

Which Program Is Right for Me?

Finding appropriate addiction treatment depends on a variety of factors, such as the severity of your addiction, whether you have any responsibilities (such as work or school) that you need to maintain during treatment, and whether you have any co-occurring mental health disorders. Generally speaking, patients who require more intense treatment may benefit from a PHP, while those who require less intense treatment may benefit from an IOP.

Cost of a Partial Hospitalization Program vs. an Intensive Outpatient Program

One of the primary considerations when choosing between a PHP and an IOP is cost. Because PHPs provide more hours of treatment per week, they typically cost more than IOPs. However, many insurance providers will cover at least part of the cost of both types of programs.

Choosing a PHP vs. IOP at New Horizons Recovery Center

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, we encourage you to reach out to us at New Horizons Recovery Center. We offer both partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) and intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), so we are confident that we can provide the level of care that you or your loved one needs to achieve lasting recovery. To learn more about our programs or to schedule a free consultation with one of our counselors, please contact us today by calling 267.435.3134.