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What to Expect in an Alcohol Treatment Program

a group talks about alcohol treatment program expectations

Starting an alcohol treatment program can be a scary process. It is a monumental moment for those on the path to recovery, one that can come with feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. That is why it is important to assess alcohol treatment program expectations before entering treatment. One must ask themselves what they truly want out of treatment, understand who they are entering treatment for, and what life might be like once treatment is completed. Joining an alcohol treatment program can be very emotional and anxiety-producing, making this personal assessment extremely difficult. One must balance what they want vs. what they need and strive to be as objective in their decision as possible. For those searching for a Chester County, Pennsylvania alcohol treatment program, learn more about what to expect by calling New Horizons Recovery at 267.435.3134.

What to Expect in an Alcohol Program

One main goal for anyone entering an alcohol treatment program should be personal growth. Addiction treatment programs help clients uncover and overcome the influences that fuel their addictive behavior. Many expectations for addiction programs are based on research done before check-in. This research can help ease feelings of stress and anxiety that are likely to arise before check-in. When setting alcohol treatment program expectations, be sure to consider:

  • What type of treatment is needed
  • What facilities offer that treatment
  • Are there reviews of these facilities available
  • What does the program curriculum look like
  • What type of therapies are available within that curriculum
  • What resources available to patients after treatment

In addition, it can be beneficial to get into contact with someone who has completed the treatment program being considered. As a substitute, talking to someone who has completed a similar type of program can also be helpful as personal testimony tends to feel more trustworthy than online research.

Expectations for Alcohol Treatment Timeline

An alcohol treatment timeline describes the steps, stages, and length of time someone might undergo treatment. Treatment programs can run from a few weeks to several months. While every program is different, a few stages appear across the board. The first stage comes right after check-in when patients receive an intake exam. The intake exam reviews clients’ medical, drug, and emotional histories so that treatment can be customized to fit their personal needs. The next step in the program is detox for those who need it. Detox is a process that lets the body rid itself of toxic and addictive substances accumulated over time. Depending on the level of addiction, this process can prove to be life-threatening due to withdrawal symptoms and require 24/7 monitoring and hands-on care.

After finishing the detox, or for those who do not require detox, treatment will begin immediately in the form of therapy, training exercises, and group activities. Therapy is often one of the most beneficial aspects of addiction treatment as it allows clients to uncover the influences that drive their addictive behaviors in an environment free from drug addiction’s physical and emotional side effects. Towards the end of treatment, clients will work with their doctors to craft an aftercare plan. This plan reinforces the lessons learned through treatment by providing resources, tips, and tricks that help patients stay sober after treatment.

Start an Alcohol Treatment Program in Chester County, PA at New Horizons Recovery

Alcohol addiction can do a lot to reduce the quality of life, as drinking can begin to take priority over the things that matter most in life. Family, social and work life are likely to suffer most in these instances, but they do not have to. Recovery is possible and proper treatment makes it all the more probable. At New Horizons Recovery, we have dedicated our facilities toward the betterment of our clients by hiring dedicated professionals and using evidence-based treatments. For more information on alcohol treatment program expectations or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 267.435.3134.