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What to Expect in an Alumni Program

a group smiles as they discuss what to expect in an alumni program

Transitioning from a substance abuse program into everyday life can be incredibly scary. This is, in part, because of the changes this transition guarantees. There’s a chance that things might be very different than they were before. Some require a new job, new social circles, and new hobbies because of the triggers or environmental influences they contain. In some respects, this transition can be just as scary as the prospect of going to rehab. There is a lot of hard work on the line when exiting rehab, which is why those in recovery must prepare themselves in every way possible. One way to prepare for these oncoming changes is to join an alumni addiction program.

An alumni program is a relapse prevention program developed for those in recovery who want to engage with the sober community, participate in sober events create meaningful connections with other like-minded sober individuals. When searching for a Chester County, Pennsylvania relapse prevention alumni program, consider the following information on what to expect in an alumni program, or contact New Horizons Recovery at 267.435.3134 to speak to a specialist.

What Is an Alumni Program?

Alumni programs are relapse prevention programs designed to help those in recovery engage with the sober community. The difference between a relapse prevention program and an alumni program is that an alumni program is typically attached to a specific facility or substance abuse program. While there are many far-reaching benefits of joining an alumni program, all fall under the umbrella of helping those in recovery create meaningful connections. Many skills and coping mechanisms can be learned during treatment, but the outside world simply doesn’t provide the same level of support that an inpatient substance abuse treatment program can. Alumni programs compensate for this by giving those in recovery an extra support system that can be relied upon as they transition out of treatment.

What to Expect in a Relapse Prevention Program

Knowing what to expect in an alumni program is an essential step for those in treatment who are developing an aftercare plan. Alumni programs are an excellent resource for those having difficulty staying sober, as they were founded for and by people experiencing that same issue. While every alumni program is different and is often tailored to a specific treatment facility or curriculum, here are a few things to expect:

  • Social interaction – One of the scariest parts of transitioning back into society is finding new friends. Getting sober doesn’t mean one will lose all their prior friendships, but, especially in the early stages of recovery, finding like-minded friends that will support each other’s sobriety is of the utmost importance.
  • Sober events – Going out and having fun is an integral part of maintaining one’s emotional well-being, but going out can be scary while in recovery because of the possible triggers one might encounter. Social events sponsored by alumni programs provide the opportunity for those in recovery to go out without having to have their guard up constantly. These events can range from camping, cookouts, and hiking to volunteering.
  • Access to valuable resources – One of the most significant benefits of an alumni program is the resources that it can provide. Every alumni program has members at different stages in recovery, and from this diversity, a wealth of information and experience is established and can be utilized. Whether someone is looking for a new Alcoholics Anonymous group, a new therapist, or even just a coffee shop recommendation, there is no shortage of the help an alumni program can provide.

An Addiction Alumni Program in Chester County, Pennsylvania at New Horizons Recovery

Choosing a substance abuse treatment program can already be incredibly challenging without considering aftercare planning. That is why it is essential to choose a facility that will work with its clients as they transition out of treatment and back into society. At New Horizons Recovery, we have a well-established alumni program that can be directly worked into clients’ aftercare plans so that they can continue their sobriety journey with a support system. For more information on what to expect in an alumni program or to schedule an appointment today, contact us at 267.435.3134.