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Why Choose a Cocaine Rehab in Pennsylvania?

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Cocaine abuse is a serious issue in Pennsylvania. Many states in the U.S. are seeing record treatment numbers for opioid use, while Pennsylvania continues to see greater levels of cocaine treatment. Attending a cocaine addiction treatment center in Pennsylvania means choosing a program attuned to patient needs in an area where cocaine treatment rates continue to surpass those for opioids, despite national trends to the contrary.

If you’re considering cocaine treatment in Pennsylvania, call 267.435.3134 today and ask about the programs at New Horizons Recovery.

Pennsylvania’s Cocaine Addiction Problem

Cocaine addiction is a serious problem in Pennsylvania. News headlines often focus on the opioid epidemic and the high rates of opioid-related death, but cocaine use is still widespread and is in particularly high use in the state of Pennsylvania.

The National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC) reports that of all the illicit substances smuggled through Pennsylvania’s ports, cocaine and marijuana are the two most commonly smuggled.1

The greater amount of cocaine present on the streets in Pennsylvania is also reflected in substance use treatment statistics. In recent reporting on national, publicly funded substance use treatment programs, a total of 20% of clients sought treatment for heroin and other opioids, while only 11.3% entered treatment for cocaine use.2

These nationwide statistics show that across the country, heroin treatment is nearly double the rate of cocaine treatment. While it might be expected that state reporting rates mirror these nationwide trends, that’s not the case in Pennsylvania.

The NDIC reports greater numbers of clients entering treatment for help with cocaine addiction. Cocaine treatment rates in the state of Pennsylvania are at 18%, while heroin treatment rates are at only 16%.3

How Cocaine Rehab in Pennsylvania Can Help

The NDIC statistics make one thing clear: there’s a much higher demand for cocaine treatment centers in Pennsylvania than in other states across the nation. Making cocaine rehab in Pennsylvania accessible and affordable can help address the high levels of cocaine abuse across the state.

When treatment centers offer programs that are cost-effective and flexible, greater numbers of individuals can connect with the resources needed to overcome cocaine dependence. While traveling for rehab may be an option for some, finding a treatment center located within Pennsylvania is a necessity for many clients.

Choosing a Pennsylvania Cocaine Treatment Center

Accessibility should be a central concern when choosing the right program for cocaine treatment in Pennsylvania. Many individuals don’t have the option of attending an inpatient rehab, as cost, family obligations, and work responsibilities often serve as significant barriers to treatment.

Choosing a Pennsylvania cocaine treatment program begins with identifying the level of care that works for a patient. From there, look for options that offer programs specifically designed to address cocaine addiction.

Nearly any cocaine addiction treatment center in Pennsylvania will offer basic services that include individual, group, and family therapy. To get a feel for the quality and depth of a program, consider what additional therapy options are in use.

Examples of additional therapy models to look for include:

  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Life skills training
  • Motivational enhancement therapy (MET)
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Person-centered therapy
  • Relapse-prevention therapy

Substance use disorder occurs in conjunction with other mental health concerns at a high frequency. It’s a good idea to make sure a treatment center offers dual-diagnosis programming to help diagnose and treat co-occurring mental health conditions like depression or anxiety.

Cocaine Treatment in Pennsylvania at New Horizons Recovery

New Horizons Recovery offers outpatient cocaine treatment in Pennsylvania. Our flexible programs include dual-diagnosis programming and a wide variety of therapy modalities. Our goal is to connect our clients to a wide variety of treatment models to effectively support lasting recovery from cocaine use.

Call 267.435.3134 or contact us online today to learn more about cocaine treatment in Pennsylvania at New Horizons Recovery.



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