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ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

Journey to a Healthy Future

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Kennett Square PA

New Horizons Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Kennett Square PAMental health is essential to overall health. Fortunately for the millions of people dealing with mental health disorders, it is more acceptable now than ever to seek professional help to address and heal these issues. There are many approaches to mental health treatment, including relatively new treatment options such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Developed in 1982, acceptance and commitment therapy has become an increasingly common choice for people ready to face their mental health disorders.

If you or a loved one is interested in entering an efficient and supportive  acceptance and commitment therapy program in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, New Horizons Recovery can help. Our team is committed to our clients’ comfort and safety as they explore how they can improve their mental health in our therapy programs in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Learn more about our wide range of therapy options and programs by calling 267.435.3134 or contacting us online.

What Is ACT?

Acceptance and commitment therapy helps clients to face negative emotions or thoughts, which is the opposite of the approach in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), where people learn tools and strategies to lessen these feelings. ACT gives clients the strength to address emotions and thoughts head-on and stop avoiding chronic problems in their lives. Acceptance and commitment therapy has been shown to be especially effective for treating anxiety, depression, addiction, and psychosis.

There are six components of commitment and acceptance therapy, which are:

  • Acceptance – This component helps people to welcome thoughts and feelings without trying to change them.
  • Cognitive defusion – Cognitive defusion examines thoughts instead of getting caught in a negative cycle of thinking. An example of cognitive defusion is someone with anxiety constantly thinking about how anxious they are. This idea contributes to a downward spiral of thinking.
  • Contacting the present moment – Also known as mindfulness, this component helps people stay in the present and not concern themselves with what has happened in the past nor worry about what might happen in the future.
  • Self as context – Self as context helps people observe themselves as subjectively as possible to enact change.
  • Values – This component causes people to commit themselves to a specific set of values.
  • Committed action – Committed action makes people use their actions to meet their particular set of chosen values.

Benefits of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Therapists and clients alike have recognized many benefits of acceptance and commitment therapy, such as:
ACT acknowledges that negative thoughts and emotions are a normal part of life and equips people to deal with these issues in a genuine way.

This therapy helps people improve their quality of life, even if their symptoms have eased.

Acceptance and commitment therapy helps people become more flexible mentally to deal with their mental health in the future.

Additional Therapy Options at New Horizons Recovery

If acceptance and commitment therapy isn’t the right fit for you, New Horizons Recovery offers many other therapy programs, such as:

  • Anxiety treatment
  • CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy)
  • Depression treatment
  • Dual diagnosis
  • DBT (dialectical behavior therapy)
  • Family therapy/counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Life skills training
  • Mental health
  • MET (motivational enhancement therapy)
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Person-centered therapy
  • Relapse-prevention therapy
  • Vivitrol treatment
  • 12-step approach

Choose New Horizons Recovery for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

There are many choices for therapy to find the resilience and determination to achieve a better quality of life. For more information about how acceptance and commitment therapy can help you or someone you care about, reach out to the friendly team at New Horizons Recovery today online or at 267.435.3134. Our staff is on the cutting edge of the latest approaches to therapy, so don’t hesitate to find out more about New Horizons Recovery.